Dog on… Valentine’s Day.

I’m not sure what all the hullabaloo around this whole Valentine’s Day shenaheart shaped eyesnigans is all about. It is certainly not centered around us, your four legged friends.

Hearts – Meh. I have a limited color spectrum and red isn’t in it.   (though this dog might like them more than I do)       →

Chocolate – Doggie poison.

Candy – Other doggie poison.

Flowers – You only get mad when I eat them.

Hugging – Not into it. I always confuse it with fighting. In my world, it’s just bad manners.

Cards – Dude, we’re back to the fact that I don’t have opposable thumbs. Getting it out of the envelope is simply humiliating… AND… I CAN’T READ. (I have someone transcribe my thoughts for this blog, remember?)

I mean, what’s in it for me? Admit it. Nothing.

Well, nothing except maybe an outfit with heart antlers or something equally unflattering.

I could go for at least a little extra treat in my bowl, an extra walk (or one at all), or one of those dog friendly cookies from a dog bakery.

Otherwise, I’m uninterested.

I’m just going to sleep here for now and wait until Friday when The Year of the Dog begins! Aww yeah!

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