Dog on… Mother’s Day


On Mother’s Day, I can’t make a fancy card. I can’t cook breakfast in bed. …Oh man, I could take over the world with opposable thumbs!

I candog12‘t take her to the Botanic Gardens, to breakfast in a nice restaurant, or to the movies. …They won’t let me in.

I can’t drag her to the park. …well, I can, but she won’t appreciate it.

I can’t make her a home made card with doilies, crayons, and scissors. …Thumbs! Thumbs!

But I have skills. Mad skills. I can:

  • Wake her with the sound of pre-vomit heaving in the morning.
  • Help her dig in the garden.
  • Pre-clean the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Empty the garbage one tissue at a time while she’s gone.
  • Get her out for a walk and turn it into a run.
  • Sprinkle dog hair in her food.
  • Share a snack in front of the TV. …using Jedi mind tricks.
  • Keep her company during scary thunderstorms.
  • Lure her to sleep on the couch.
  • Never let her go to the bathroom by herself.
  • Bring her dead carcass presents that I find in the yard. What? She likes homemade gifts!
  • Love her unconditionally.

That last one really clinches it for me.

Did your dog give you something special yesterday?

Happy Mother’s Day to dog moms everywhere!