Dog on… Getting dressed

As I wrote this title, I realized how strange it may seem. You know, given that, on the whole, dogs are dressed by Mother Nature most of the time. Well, short the hairless breeds. In those cases, by all means, dress yourself. Please. I’m not comfortable looking at all that skin.

But I digress… This topic comes up after, once again seeing the tornado I call “her getting dressed”. Now, in her defense, this only seems to happen when she’s going out at night, and since the kids came along, that really isn’t the norm. For a while, if she was leaving without yoga pants on, I would fall over in mocking shock. She found that not as funny.

Anyhoo, this Saturday I heard her talking about a shower and was immediately confused when she started to get dressed. Her first outfit was fine to me, but then, I stalk her.
I’m probably kinda biased.

So, the first outfit was on while she looked in the mirror forever doing stuff to her hair and face that made her smell funny. Again, not the best judge given that I love her smell two days without a shower. It’s deliciously musky. Don’t tell her I said that.

She seemed to be out the door when, with no warning, she turned around ran upstairs (I, obviously, dutifully followed) and began to change her clothes over and over. I couldn’t even see her for the funnel cloud that surrounded her as she changed over and over. (That’s a bit dramatic, I admit, but the imagery is good, right?)

When she had finally come to the outfit she liked, the room was draped with shirts and pants. I mean, I don’t care, no one expects me to clean it up, but… Really?

When a dog gets dressed, it’s begrudgingly, for the most part. I’ve got friends who like clothes, but they’re a little off. Nice dogs, just… Weird.

The human drama of getting dressed is a human thing. 

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  1. Great stuff Dog. Waitin’ on a woman is one of the joys husbands are bestowed upon when they get married. Sorry you’ll never get to truly enjoy he experience. Your observations are spot on.