Dog on… Twitter

I have officially entered the world of social media today because my human announced me on her Facebook page.  She thinks she’s all that, but I’m out to beat her in Likes on Facebook and Follows on Twitter.  It’s on baby!  (we like healthy competition in our family, but that’s for another post!)

I’m really just getting in the Twitter groove, but I’m a little offended at it’s racial preference toward the aviary community.  I mean, how many bird blogs are there?  Well, I actually don’t know the answer to that, but I’m googling it as soon as I finish this.  I suppose a really thorough journalist would get those stats before making a claim in a blog post.  (Note to self: work on your research)

Anyhoo, I can’t really stomach the idea of tweeting when it makes so much more sense to woof.  Thus, I hereby declare that “woofs are the new tweets”!  Me and my less than 20 followers are calling it a trend.

Here goes:  #woofsarethenewtweets

Is it trending yet?

… how ’bout now?


I can wait.  I don’t have a schedule to keep. I can sit here all day.


…hmmm.  This Twitter thing is trickier than I thought.