Dog on… Yoga

I love me some yoga.  As you would imagine, I can “up dog” and “down dog” with a serious flair.  I don’t even mind “cow pose”, but I have to draw the line at that “cat pose”.  It’s not that I don’t like cats, it’s just, I don’t need to try to emulate them.  It’s what I like to call, integrity, people.

It’s funny though, my human seems to love it too, but often seems to be having such trouble with it at the same time.  She gets out of breath pretty regularly. I stay close when she gets worked up, just in case. Ironically (last Thursday’s TP word – not sure I’m using it right), it seems to be what she likes about it.  Go figure.  

Yoga’s downside?  It’s hot. There’s sweating involved and this is where dogs and humans divide.  

When dogs sweat, we do so without all the mess that humans seem to produce. The pant is a much more civilized way to weather the heat as far as I’m concerned. The pouring of water from the skin just seems downright weird. You know?

Just another bonus to having fur. 

And my girl does sweat. A lot. But I’m torn, because it’s part creepy, and part delicious.  

Don’t judge.