Dog on… Work

I don’t work myself. Unless you consider going out to the yard and actively ignoring rabbits and squirrels work.

I do, however, go to my person’s work.  Actually being there is work for me.

When I get there, I have to go upstairs to find my toy, then down stairs to show it around. Then it’s back upstairs for a good pet and look out the window.  Then is back downstairs to be sure no one has come in who hasn’t seen my toy yet.  (It’s a great toy).  I also have to get them to pet me.  It’s for their own good.  Lunch isn’t even a break since I have to work my Jedi mind trick on them.  No rest for the wicked, you know.  Often, I have to lay in the middle of the room and grumble until someone notices.

Its exhausting!  There must be a better way to spend our time.  By the time we get back in the car, I have to sleep the whole way home with a few glances out the window so I can sleep even better in my bed at home.

It ain’t easy being Dog.