Dog on… Meeting New Friends

Hi there!  My name is Dog.


I’ve got thoughts.  Lots of ’em.  On lots of stuff.

So, I decided to blog about my many deep thoughts about… well… everything.  Capisce? (my human has word of the day toilet paper)

I thought it would be apropos

(that was Sunday’s word) to start with my thoughts on meeting new folks.

Here it is:  people are weird.  They wrap their arms around each other, put their lips together, or shake paws.  WTF?  Not one of them sniffs a butt on meeting and I think that’s just rude.

Seriously, I get it.  We’re different.  Humans are from Mercury and dogs are from Uranus.  (I think that might be a book title)

Well, if you ever come to our planet to live here’s what a polite greeting looks like:

On approach, walk an arc to the other so that when you get there, your side is to them.  Once you get there, sniff butt only if the other guy seems approachable.  The way you know is to see if they avoid eye contact, sniff the ground, turn their head away from you etc.  For the love of dog, don’t go greeting the guy who’s just staring at you.  Take it from me, he’s either trying to prove something, rude or unstable.   I’m betting a little bit of both.  Make the meeting short and then walk away for a minute to let that process.  If you feel good and they seem to as well, you’re in and you can start engaging in hanging out, playing or just moving on knowing you met a decent dog.

I have just gotten used to the rudeness of humans that I know accepting it as cultural differences.   They have other good traits so I let it go.  BUT, humans I don’t know…  back off.  I seriously can only tolerate so much social awkwardness from people.

If some of you humans are interested in more about bridging the social etiquette gap, I really like this woman from Norway that my cousins have told me about.  Her name is Turrid Ruggas and she really takes time to understand our kinds.  She’s a good egg.  Check her out.

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It’s gonna be rad! (My human is watching a string of John Hughes movies)


PS:  There’s going to be some cool changes to the look of the site soon, so keep checking back as I find my groove!